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(Social) Realism: Myanmar {Burma}

Ngwe Gaing (1901 - 1967)

U Ngwe Gaing's paintings were noted for the meticulous attention to detail, but he was also a prolific and versatile painter working in both oil and water-colour. He excelled in his choice of “poster subjects and settings” according to U Min Naing another noteworthy name in the world of art.

U Ngwe Gaing started his career from the bottom and and was obliged to work at many jobs and led a checkered life until he made his mark as a leading artist. His first teacher was U Pho Aung but later became a pupil of the famous artist U Ba Nyan. U Ngwe Gaing was an honest and diligent person who had not a shred of pride and was content with his lot.

U Lun Gywe (1930)
U Lun Gywe was born in 1930 and is one of the most well known and well respected artists in Burma today and is considered probably the greatest living master of Burmese paintings. He graduated from the Art Institute of Teacher's Training and continued his studies under famous artists such as U Thet Win, U Chit Maung, U San Win, U Thein Han and U Ngwe Gaing.

Mya Thaung (1943)
U Mya Thaung was born 1943 in Bogalay. In 1965-1967, studied in and graduated from State School of Fine Art Yangon

Mar Lar (1953)

Born in Nandawkyun village, Madaya Township, son of U Ba kun & Daw Hnin. His parents are farmers. From 1978-76 he studied at the state school of fine Arts, Mandalay.

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